Why Use Non-Toxic Toothpaste?

Why Use Non-Toxic Toothpaste

More people are changing their oral hygiene habits. Some are already turning to natural or organic toothpaste instead of buying commercial brands. There are many good reasons why consumers are embracing this trend, specifically:

Free from Synthetic Ingredients

Commercialized toothpaste products sold on the market are made of chemicals that, once absorbed by the body, can affect it. One of the common chemical components found in commercial toothpaste brands is Triclosan. This ingredient can cause an imbalance in the endocrine system, especially in our thyroid hormones.

If you want to devoid yourself of these harmful substances, using natural toothpaste can be your choice. Non-toxic toothpaste contains no dye or artificial ingredients to clean our teeth. Instead, they have plant extracts, natural minerals, and antiseptic essential oils for effectively cleaning our teeth and washing away bacteria in the mouth.

Natural Remedy for Bad Breath

In contrast to conventional toothpaste, natural and organic toothpaste can refresh our breath through natural means. Instead of chemical additives, the best non-toxic toothpaste contains essential oils from Spearmint or tea tree that eliminate bacteria responsible for causing bad breath.

Good for People with Sensitive Gums

Some conventional toothpaste often accentuates the symptoms of sensitive gum. If this keeps happening to you, this might be the right time to go natural. Organic toothpaste can help prevent gum pain because it has vegetal or tea tree essential oil or soothing plant extracts capable of relieving and calming the mouth’s gingiva.

Can Remove Stain

Natural toothpaste products can whiten the teeth without affecting the enamel. Organic toothpaste contains silica, commonly used for effectively yet gently polishing the teeth’s surface while eliminating stains. Coupled with natural baking soda, silica can create immediate whitening effects.

Safe for Toddlers

Children usually swallow toothpaste when learning how to brush their teeth. For parents, this can be problematic because regular toothpaste has artificial chemicals the kids’ bodies can absorb and affect their growth. Turning natural with organic toothpaste can keep your mind as a guardian at peace. Natural toothpaste is free from fluoride, artificial chemicals, Triclosan, and Laureth sulfate – all are synthetic ingredients. Intaking them for brushing our teeth can offer no health risk.

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