3 Services Offered By A Vein Clinic In Singapore

Judging from its name, a vein clinic in Singapore focuses on treating diseases that affect the veins. Veins have two primary purposes: collecting blood that doesn’t have much oxygen and carrying it back to the heart. The other purpose is to take blood rich in oxygen from your lungs and bring it to the heart. These are the main functions of our veins, so they mustn’t become affected by particular diseases. If this were to happen, it would cause your body to lose a significant function. So, if you are ever diagnosed with a condition in the veins, it’s best to seek a clinic that specialises in them immediately. Here are several treatments found in such a clinic.

Varicose Vein Treatments

Varicose veins are swollen veins often found on the legs and feet. This happens when the small valves inside the veins stop functioning correctly. Usually, healthy veins will help blood flow smoothly towards the heart and the tiny valves within them prevent the flow from going backwards instead. However, if the valves are weak or damaged, the blood will flow the other way and will cause the vein to enlarge. Various treatments for varicose veins include ClariVein, EVLT, Radiofrequency Ablation, Sclerotherapy, and Venous Compression Stockings. Some of these treatments can treat other vein-related diseases aside from varicose veins. An example would be sclerotherapy, also known as spider vein treatment in Singapore since it helps get rid of spider veins.

Arterial Disease Treatments

Under arterial disease treatments lie angioplasty and stent evar. Angioplasty is a specific treatment that is performed using vascular surgery in Singapore. This is done to patients who suffer from venous diseases or arterial problems such as atherosclerosis of peripheral artery occlusive disease. Using this method will surely help widen the passageway of blood. On the other hand, Stent Evar is a minimal procedure for people with weak, narrowed blood vessels. To open them up to improve blood flow, a stent is placed inside the artery.

Diabetes Management

Diabetic foot management and amputation prevention are found under diabetes management. Amputation prevention is avoiding the possibility of having one of your body parts amputated. Those with diabetes have a higher risk of going under this procedure due to the effects of diabetes damaging these patients’ nerves, arteries, and immune systems. To stop that from happening, amputation prevention can give you the proper medication and procedures. Diabetic foot management is self-explanatory. When symptoms of a diabetic foot start to appear, diabetic foot management is advised to the patient to prevent diabetes from worsening.

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