November 2022


Many people take it for granted, but getting a night of good sleep is one of the most beautiful, if somewhat ordinary, blessings that anyone can have. Not everyone has the luxury of having a fitful rest, whether it’s due to circumstances or medical conditions. Did you know that having something as simple as sleep apnea in Singapore can be very disruptive and even life-threatening?

For those not in the know, sleep apnea in Singapore is a disorder wherein an individual’s breathing constantly stops and starts during sleep. Oftentimes, you may not notice that you might have it until after several nights. You might find yourself tired even after a lot of sleeping and that your partner has remarked on your loud snoring.

The warning signs of sleep apnea

But is it worth calling a sleep specialist in Singapore over? Yes, absolutely. Sleep apnea can be a sign of something more serious and even lead to problems such as heart issues and low blood pressure.

Do you suspect you could be suffering from sleep apnea? If so, it can be difficult to tell the warning signs (since you are asleep, after all). If you have a combination of these few signs, you might want to consult a doctor.

1. Excessive sleepiness during the daytime.

Ever had a supposed full night’s rest, but find that you still feel exhausted in the daytime, you may have reason to believe you have sleep apnea.

2. Abruptly awakening while gasping for air.

If you suddenly shoot wide awake after choking or gasping for breath, it could be a result of sleep apnea. Check with a sleep specialist in Singapore if it happens often.

3. Having a very dry mouth or sore throat when awakening.

Your mouth can easily dry out if you struggle to breathe constantly during sleep.

Reach out to Dr Gan Eng Cern for many concerns regarding your ENT (ear, nose, and throat) region. See more information about Singapore thyroid surgery and other medical procedures and treatments.

Having a new baby isn’t the only change you’ll go through that sticks around after pregnancy. Postnatal care in Singapore involves dealing with many changes regarding their bodies that they will have to learn to cope with. Some of them can improve or fade without intervention, but other times, you may need to undergo a few treatments or learn new habits to address them.

What is diastasis recti?

One common condition that you might have postpartum is the divarication of the recti, also known as diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is a medical issue that affects your abdominal muscles; wherein the two sides of your recti abdominus separate when they normally rest together. After pregnancy, it should settle back into its original position, but oftentimes it does not.

Learning how to deal with this post partum belly issue is a concern that many women would like to resolve because it can leave noticeable marks on your belly. They can be much more obvious than just stretch marks or a flabby belly.

How does one deal with diastasis recti?

Thankfully, you don’t normally need serious treatments like surgery to correct diastasis recti. Exercising can help in repairing the changes, and in around 8 weeks, you should start seeing improvements. Here are the best diastasis recti exercises.

1. Planks.

Do them on your knees and stack your shoulders over the palms of your hands. Hold for at least 20 seconds.

2. Crunches.

This helps engage your ab muscles and helps in their repair.

3. Heel taps and leg lifts.

While supporting your ab muscles, doing leg lifts can strengthen your core.

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One of the advantages of buying CBD online is the lower cost. Because online retailers do not have to pay as much for overheads as traditional retailers, they can pass those savings on to their customers. Another advantage is the variety. Online retailers offer a wide range of brands, types, and flavors.

According to a recent survey, 60 percent of CBD users use it for anxiety. And it can also be a good option for those with epilepsy. But there is still a lot of uncertainty around its usage and how it affects the body. While many believe it is safe for some conditions, there is no conclusive evidence to support its use. If you are unsure about the benefits of CBD, it’s best to consult with a medical professional or your state’s health department.

CBD is very similar to the body’s natural endocannabinoids, which are responsible for regulating many bodily functions. It interacts with cannabinoid receptors and affects the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters play a key role in our immune system, sleep, and mood. Unlike THC, however, CBD does not produce the “high” associated with marijuana. While THC binds to the cannabinoid 1 receptors in the brain, CBD does not.

When choosing a CBD oil, you should pay close attention to the THC content. It’s important to note that THC levels in hemp oil are less than 0.3{137aa25a4781ca5f540979e28781665e476534549c3e309c9d7ae77466626c90}, while the THC content in marijuana oil is more than 0.0{137aa25a4781ca5f540979e28781665e476534549c3e309c9d7ae77466626c90}. However, the legality of these substances varies greatly between states, so it’s important to check with a medical professional before buying any hemp or CBD products online.

It’s important to remember that CBD is still a new niche, so it’s important to offer a good online experience for both buyers and sellers. Many first-time buyers of CBD will need some extra guidance. To make this experience easier for them, retailers should create product categories that make their products easier to navigate. They should also organize the products by their cannabinoid content.

If you’re looking for CBD gift ideas, you can choose from gummies, creams, and tinctures. Another great option is a CBD sample pack. This gift pack includes gummies and soft gels for your recipient to try. Another great idea comes from Martha Stewart.

Regardless of the method, CBD is still a natural product with little to no psychoactive effects. The CBD can be consumed through a vape pen, cigarette style, or through a topical application. It will take up to 30 minutes to fully take effect. It should be noted that you should only take enough CBD oil to achieve the desired effect.

You can go for a custom-made veneer that can perfectly fit the front surface of the teeth. They help to conceal chips, cracks, stains, and many other cosmetic imperfections. It is a common treatment that one can choose depending on their goal and (ทําวีเนียร์ ราคา, which is the term in Thai). There are different types of veneers that one can use. But before going into details about the veneers let us know what and how veneers help.

The Concept Of Veneer

Veneers are like a covering that fits over the frontal part of the teeth. Technicians prepare high-quality dental materials like porcelain or tooth-colored composite to create them and add appropriate.

As you know that these we need are cosmetic therefore, they help to conceal a large number of aesthetic imperfections like tooth discoloration, chips, cracks, gaps, and many more.

Veneer Versus Crown

We need help to cover the frontal surface of the teeth. It helps to enhance the appearance of the face. Whereas, on the other hand, the dental crown covers the entire structure of the teeth while adding protection and strength to the teeth.

The cosmetic procedure of dental veneers helps to improve the smile. It may not repair or strengthen the teeth. On the other hand, the dental crown helps in improving the appearance of the teeth. The primary purpose of these dental crowns is to restore the teeth that are damaged by trauma or decay.


There are different types of veneers. These include porcelain, composite, removable, and no prep veneer.

  • Composite Veneer

This kind of veneer is capable of counseling mild cosmetic issues. The dentist may use a tooth-colored composite resin to achieve the desired result.

  • Porcelain Veneers

It addresses numerous imperfections. Moreover, it roughens the teeth’ surface, while helping the product to stay in place.

  • No Prep Veneer

These are less invasive options. It requires less capability than any traditional veneer.

  • Removable Veneer

It helps to cover natural teeth to hide imperfections and is known to enhance the smile. But at the same time, it can be tough to eat while wearing one.

Bottom Line

These products blend with natural teeth and help to enhance the smile of the person using the product. It does not require any additional maintenance. Hence if you are thinking of enhancing your beautiful smile, you can try out these veneers. Also, make it a point to choose the right veneer that suits you well.

You might be wondering, what is NMN? NMN supplements (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) are recognised by many as beneficial for enhancing the body’s energy to function and perform daily tasks. Supplements are known to provide our body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to be in optimal condition. However, NMN supplements enhance the growth and repair of cells. It also enhances mitochondrial metabolism, which helps combat the ageing process.

As we grow older and older, we also grow weaker over time. It makes us more prone to illnesses and diseases that can cause many more conditions. The deterioration is correlated with the body’s declining level of NMN and NAD+, which is why they play a key role in maintaining optimal health. Investing in an NMN supplement in Singapore can be a smarter move for enhancing your health. Without further ado, here are some of the most common benefits you can experience from regular intake of NMN supplements:

Enhances fitness

Many athletes seek a better solution to enhance their athletic performance and endurance. Taking an NMN supplement provides a clear benefit in increasing the body’s capacity for exercise endurance. Since NMN enhances energy production, it also correlates with our ability to function in various physiological movements and functions, including insulin enhancement.

Better muscle endurance

Muscle and bone endurance declines without consuming glucose and fatty acids (which are critical components for continuous functioning). NMN supplement enhances the process by metabolising them into the system to enhance muscle and bone endurance. Thus many athletes and even day-to-day people can find the advantage of heightening their aerobic capacity with NMN supplements.

Reduces the chance of obesity

So, what is NMN for individuals seeking to lose weight? Higher levels of NMN can stimulate the metabolic system, which is responsible for converting food into energy. If you are shedding more pounds, you will find that NMN can be a vital supplement to reduce the chance of obesity and increase your body’s performance. It’s a win-win situation for those on their weight loss journey.

Boosts stem cell health

Many who aren’t in the know aren’t aware of the NMN’s capacity to regenerate bone tissue for stem cells. As we age, stem cell health declines. Since stem cells generate new cells for maintaining the body tissues healthier, taking an NMN can energise and renew the body’s cells for better body functions.

If you are looking for a quality NMN supplement, visit S-CELL for various health and other supplements for your daily body’s needs.

When it comes to treatments, many things will come into your mind. There are clinics, hospitals, and medical equipment. But, there is one thing that you should not forget: traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore. And to help you decide if this procedure is what you are looking for, here are the reasons why you should undergo one:


If you feel stressed or exhausted, you will feel that your body becomes heavier. You do not have the energy to do things, even if you are only at home. But, TCM in Singapore is about balancing the movements in your body. And once you balance yours, guarantee that you will feel relaxed.


Blood circulation is one of the things TCM can improve, and you can also get the same benefit. There are different treatments for blood circulation, like cupping, acupuncture, and moxibustion.


Many people are encountering problems in producing a child, making them look for ways that could solve the issue. And if you are in the same situation, search acupuncture for fertility. This procedure is not only available for women but also men.


Enhancing your well-being is also one of the many things that TCM can do. It targets your nervous system, promoting relaxation and natural healing. Try tai chi and herbal medicines if this is what you want to achieve.


Traditional Chinese medicine can also relieve the pain, wherever it is in your body. Some of the treatments you can get are acupuncture and massage. However, the procedure depends on the severity of the pain and your overall health condition.

Understanding TCM can help you see more of what it can do. You do not need to worry about pain and balance because traditional treatments are available. Learn more by looking for a TCM clinic in Singapore or visiting the website of Thomson Chinese Medicine. Book an appointment today!

We both know that a single zit can completely ruin your day. And the best thing to do when your skin starts acting up is to make an appointment with a dermatologist, although you’ll probably be very annoyed and want to go around looking your best anyway. Acne is managed with various effective treatments available today; consulting an expert, particularly one with a medical background in the skin and the authority to prescribe effective medical products, can help you narrow down your options. However, I listed a few simple things you can do beforehand to get the most out of your appointment with a skin dermatologist in Singapore.

1. Conduct Research About Your Dermatologist

I did a background check on my dermatologist to ensure I received quality acne treatment from a specialist in Singapore. I’ve been eager to get a diamond peel for years because of the dead skin on my forehead, but I was sceptical of a specialist’s ability to treat my skin. I soon learned that websites and personal accounts are both credible sources. Make sure the doctor is a dermatology expert—whether you believe it or not, not every dermatologist is one.

2. Bring Your Skincare Products

To get the most out of your laser treatment, I recommend you bring your preferred skincare formulas upon visiting the clinic. Based on my experience, I once forgot to bring my nightly skin toner—little did I know it was the culprit behind my dry skin. I expressed every detail of the product and brand name, but my specialist could not make a knowledgeable diagnosis. The problem is, there are so many products out there that your doctor won’t be able to tell which one you’re using just by the name of the brand. So if you’re experiencing skin irritation, this will help them pinpoint the source.

3. Make a List of Things To Discuss

Make sure to jot down any concerns or questions you have for the dermatologist as you prepare for your skin cancer screening in Singapore. I prepared queries in writing the day before to ensure the dermatologist would pay attention to them. I did not leave out any minor details for them to make an informed diagnosis. And the reason why I recommend this is because by the time we reach the doctor’s office, we’ve often forgotten our concerns. Writing down your worries is a foolproof way to address them.

4. Speak Up and Be Honest

My last tip is to be vocal and transparent with your skin dermatologist in Singapore. I say this because you and I know the ultimate goal is to have better skin. In my experience, my appointment went as productive as any other because I gave all the necessary info. My doctor came up with a practical and cost-efficient remedy. Hence, in the end, to receive the proper diagnosis and care for your skin issues, you must first let them know about them. Therefore, don’t be reluctant to talk about your feelings and experiences.

If you require STI testing in Singapore, don’t be shy to call Thomson Specialist Skin Centre for help.

You know, I’ve always thought going to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore was a waste of my time. I wasn’t the kind of person to care about my appearance when I was younger. There was always that mindset that what people see, people would get. I wasn’t the type of person who judges others by their physical appearance. Why does it matter if I looked different because of how they groomed themselves? But then something happened to me when I grew up to make me reconsider the importance of personal health and grooming. I was only able to escape my predicament when I consulted an aesthetic clinic.

What was my problem? I got a severe bout of acne all over my face. At first, I didn’t care about one or two pimples showing up on my face, but then they popped up one by one until they covered nearly my entire forehead and both cheeks. It was embarrassing. Many of my friends assumed it was due to poor hygiene. They started to advise me on how to get rid of the problem. Even my family chipped in and started to comment on my condition.

I started to buy lotions and creams to help me alleviate the acne problems. I just wanted an acne scar treatment in Singapore that would work. On some occasions, the lotions would relieve my agony, but other times they would only help me disguise the severity of the damage on my face. By the time my acne let up, it was almost too late for me to get a clear, clean face. The acne had started to scar my face. Even when the worst of my acne was gone, the traces it left behind would surely appear on my face.

My acne episodes were unkind to me. They left lasting reminders like acne scars to remind me of the times I hated. I simply wanted to remove them from my face so I did not have to deal with them anymore. That was when I got the great idea to go to the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Vincere Aesthetics was a great choice that I do not regret.

Choosing to go to an aesthetic clinic was an almost life-saving decision. I could talk to a dermatologist (a trained professional!) who could look at my skin problems and tell me which treatments worked right for me. The dermatologist recommended an acne scar treatment that worked wonders on my skin, and now I can walk freely without overthinking whether anyone can see the scars of my past. I am grateful to aesthetic clinics for helping us avoid the possible embarrassments and shame that we feel towards our physical appearances and help us improve parts of ourselves to give us more self-confidence. If you’re thinking about getting an aesthetic treatment, don’t hesitate like me.

You can get the perfect treatments for your skin and hair problems too. When you check out Vincere Aesthetics, you can find solutions such as a hair loss treatment in Singapore by reaching out to one of their many professionals.

Age related macular degeneration (ARMD) in Singapore is relatively usual for adults aged over 50 years. It is one of the most common eye diseases for ageing people. ARMD is also one of the leading causes of eye blindness. As people get older, their vision starts to weaken, too.

How would you know if you’re suffering from ARMD?

1. Blurry vision –

One of the well-known symptoms of age-related macular degeneration for Singapore elders is blurred vision. The intensity of colours, texts, figures, or objects appears blurred.

2. Dark spots in your field of vision –

 If your central view gets reduced in one or both eyes, it is another sign of ARMD.

3. Straight lines appear wavy or curvy –

 Another reason to see an eye specialist in Singapore is distortions in your vision. You will see straight lines as bent, wavy, and curvy.

4. Difficulty in recognition –

Since ARMD blurs your field of vision, you may have trouble recognising people and their faces.

What are the factors causing ARMD?


Ageing people are the frequent target of age-related macular degeneration in Singapore. The early stage of ARMD may occur in adults aged 50.


ARMD can also run in the genes as it has hereditary cells that can later develop the eye condition.


Smoking is one of the primary causes of damaging your senses. It can also increase the risk of getting age-related macular degeneration in Singapore.


Chronic conditions like hypertension can also develop ARMD. If you have high blood pressure or heart disease and your vision becomes blurry, visit an eye specialist clinic in Singapore ASAP.

ARMD isn’t the only eye condition ageing people must watch out for as there are other eye conditions that they may develop. Some of these are cataracts or RELEX SMILE conditions in Singapore. As early as you can, practise a healthier lifestyle to lessen the chances of impairing your senses.

For ARMD treatment or cataract surgery in Singapore, you may entrust your eyes with Nova Eye Centre. Contact their team for their eye treatment and other services.

Mums need time for themselves as well. Right after giving birth, they need rest for recovery. After that, they feel overwhelmed with all the adjustments and things needed to get done. From taking care of the newborn to looking after themselves.

When they need anything, they often resort to shopping online due to convenience, whether a slimming coffee or clothes for newborns. Despite the abundance of stuff online, mistakes and confusion will likely happen. Here are online shopping tips to help out brand new mums:

Look for discounted or free shipping deals

Buying products online often entails sellers charging shipping fees to buyers. Most of the time, these charges can sometimes cost half or way more than the product you intend to purchase. Be it newborn gift sets or a slimming tea for your weight loss after giving birth, acquiring shipping deals will save you more.

Always compare prices before purchasing

Another excellent and smart online buyer’s move is to make prices from different sellers first before buying. Now, not all sellers can offer a bargain price for the product you intend to buy, and if you’re looking to cut down the expense, this is a must-do. It takes time to research things, but it’s definitely worth it!

Avoid buying things that aren’t necessary

If you don’t intend to use a slimming coffee or tablet soon, avoid buying things that aren’t necessary. While it might be tempting to discount pick up items and add them to your shopping cart, you shouldn’t resort to buying things you won’t be needing anytime soon.

Know what items you should invest in

Buying onesies, bassinet and clothes storage for newborns and other items needed. These items are among the top ones you should invest in before thinking about ‘wants’. Remember that it’s about for the baby as well.

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