My Finger Fracture Treatment Experience

The day I got a finger fracture was the day I also thought I had done a good deed for my teacher. What I thought was a heroic moment ended up becoming an embarrassing incident. If it hadn’t been for my seatmate, I might have sat through the class with a supposedly broken thumb while passing it off as a pain that would eventually disappear. To let you know how everything occurred, here is how it went.

The Cause

Upon entering the classroom that day, I found all my classmates chatting about something. It turns out that the grandmother of the absentee for today had reportedly gotten hand arthritis. I wasn’t that well-versed in the condition, so I asked what exactly had happened to her to get such a thing. It’s apparently something you get when you either grow older, have inherited genes that cause the development of such a disorder, or have become overweight. They had to bring her to a hospital to get it fixed once they found out.

It was a frightening thought to lose the feeling in your hand that does most of the work. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me. After the bell had rung to signal the end of our break, I headed to my seat and took my notebooks out to prepare myself for the lesson. However, before our class officially started, my teacher instructed someone to close the windows. Nobody seemed up to the challenge then, so I decided to take one for the team and close the windows myself. Everything was going well until the last window at the end of the room. A strong gust of wind suddenly decided to blow when I was closing it, so it slammed the window on one of my hands. I didn’t scream, but it hurt badly. It wasn’t alarming like a wrist fracture, so I decided to keep quiet about it instead. That was until my seatmate showed concern over how I couldn’t pick up my pen whenever I tried to hold it up.

The Treatment

I was sent to a centre specialising in hand, wrist, and nerve cases. I was scared of possibly experiencing something similar to hand arthritis, but the doctor reassured my mom and me that it was nothing too severe. It was simply a finger fracture that caused my thumb to be unable to straighten itself. I thought I was going to get surgery for it, but I was instead given six weeks to do a thing called ‘splinting.’ A splint is a supportive device used to keep a fracture in place the entire time, which meant I had to keep my thumb in a slightly bent position for a few weeks until I could fully move it again.

I was more worried about my notes since the hand affected by the incident was my dominant one. Still, thankfully my classmates decided to take notes for me, so I didn’t miss anything significant. I suppose it was a heroic act at the price of human sacrifice.

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